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We are a family business, so I decided to throw in some pictures that I selected from my photo gallery, thank you for visiting our web site, will be looking forward to hear from you.
Below are some of the testimonials we have received throughout the years. Please read and contact us if you have any questions. We hope to add your testimonial here very soon. Have a Good Day.      Nader


 .Dear Mr. Nader Barghout, we appreciate your professionalism and expertise as a homebuilder.  We had heard a few of the horror stories associated with homebuilding and some contractors.  From day one you took matters into your own hands and ensured the process was done on time and correct the first time.  The duties and responsibilities required by our employers made it very difficult to leave work during the construction of our new home, yet you were always there for us and picked up the slack and no problems materialized throughout our business relationship.  You always answered our calls and kept us informed during every stage of the building process.  This information gave us great advantages throughout all phases of construction of our new home.

We thank you for staying on-top of scheduling and coordinating sub-contractors.  This was truly impressive from our perspective.  Your attention to detail afforded us the luxury of knowing that our house would be built according to d​rafted plans.
We are impressed by your integrity as a builder, your follow-up and clear and thorough communication.  This would give any homeowner comfort in knowing that you stand by your work.  You can't get that kind of assurance from a piece of paper.  Most of all Mr. Barghout, we thank you for making this project a fun experience.  We could not imagine building another home without you at the helm.  It is truly our pleasure to say thank you.  We would wholeheartedly recommend you to any prospective homebuilder.  Please feel free to use us as a reference.
William (Bill) and Mary.M


 It is my pleasure to recommend Nader Barghout as a home builder. 

My wife and I contracted Nader to build us a home in northwest Tucson in 1999/2000.  The home was started in March 2000 and completed in August 2000.
The home turned out very well with excellent quality.  As with any construction project we did run into some problems but Nader was always able to take charge of the problem and get it resolved.  Nader was always easy to work with and receptive to our ideas.
In summary I would wholeheartedly recommend Nader to others who wish to have a custom home built.


Lonnie L.  

It is my pleasure to inform you that in Nov. 1999, my wife and I purchased our current home from Nader Barghout, a local builder.  Not only we received the most courteous service during the time from the moment we set eyes, and in fact, fell in love with the house, all the way to the point when we had the key and were moving in.  The house, located in ..., is very beautiful, both inside and outside, well designed in term of functionality, well equipped in terms of amenities, and most importantly, well built.  All of this was available to us at a very competitive price.
Being our first home, it mattered a lot to us to know that Max Builders combined their excellent service with a superb choice of sub-contractors.  As you know, minor things can happen here and there, the subcontractors who worked on our house  were as courteous, understanding, and helpful as the main builders even for the most minor of things.  In my experience, it takes a winner to know and hire winners.
I can state with all confidence that when we are ready for our next home, we will begin our planning with Max Builders as the first choice.  If you are planning on building a home, I encourage you to consider Max Builders, you will find the experience both rewarding and profitable as well.
Bisher I, Ph.D. 

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