Maxx Builder lot availability varies by day. The Dream Raffle states that the winner of the Dream Raffle wins a $500,000 credit to be used with Maxx Builders.

If you already have a lot, then Maxx Builders can build on your lot and use the $500,000 credit to build the home.

If you do not have a lot, Maxx Builders will help you find the lot of your choice. Maxx Builders will then purchase the lot with the $500,000 credit and use the remaining credit to build the home. Anything over the $500,000 is the responsibility of the winner. Please visit the Tucson Museum of Art’s website for the Rules and Regulations of the Dream Raffle. http://www.tucsonmuseumofart.[removed]org/events/dream-raffle/[removed]official-rules/


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