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​​    LIC# 282497                                        CALL  ​520-419-7979


Custom Homes

We don't just build houses, we build homes that are designed to fit the needs of each home owner, we pay a lot of attention to each detail to guarantee the best results

.The owner Nader Barghout has been a custom home builder for over seventeen years, very knowledgeable on all aspects of home construction. Nader will work with you in all stages of your home construction He will start  by assisting  you in choosing the most suitable home site for your project and work with you side by side during the construction of your new home. 


Maxx Builder will help you with all your remodeling projects, from begging to finish. We offer free in home estimates. Please do not hesitate to call us.

Design Services.

Maxx Builder can also help you with designing your future home or even your garage or addition. 

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